3M Automotive Window Tint For Glare


I'm a big fan of 3M products. I know that most people, like myself, thought that they only made home improvement stuff, but they actually make a lot of products. One that I find most interesting is that they also make tinting for cars. They actually have several kinds, but one thing that all the 3M window tints Austin have in common is that they fight against glare.


Glare occurs when the sun hits the window at an angle to cause a blinding spot that you cannot see beyond. This is particularly dangerous when driving since there could be a car on the other side of that, and by the time it goes away, it may be to late to move out the of way. One way to fight this is by tinting the windows. 


Generally, the darker the tint, the less glare you will get, however, 3M has lighter tint that can fight against glare. While several types can significantly block it, it is their Scotchshield Automotive Security Film that blocks the most at an estimated 95%.


I think glare is one of the scariest things that a driver can encounter. It can easily impede visibility and make for dangerous situations that can result in potentially serious or fatal accidents. However, one of these 3M tints on the windows can drastically reduce the chances of that happening.

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